Symbol for: the purifying effect of the kundalini energy => decapitation => the ego is discarded

Examples from different spiritual traditions


A sword is a beautiful symbol of the kundalini energy. With this weapon you can both purify and decapitate. You can use it to ‘cut away’ (clean up) everything that stands between God and man. And after this intensive purification process, you can use it to take the next step in the awakening process: losing the ego, by (figuratively) chopping off the head.

If you want to read more about the metaphor of beheading, and discarding the ego, click here for: ‘The Spiritual process of losing the ego.’


An alchemical emblem with Sophia, God the Mother. She is a personification of the Divine in man: the kundalini energy. In her open belly, instead of the spinal column, we see a sword with a (kundalini) serpent around it. With her left hand she makes the sign of the SACRED MARRIAGE (click here): two fingers together, 2=1. (16th century, Prague National Museum)

Again Sophia with a sword in her belly. An X is placed on the sword. This cross represents the merging of the two polar energy channels. The colors black, white and red represent the three alchemical phases of the Magnum Opus (spiritual transformation process): NIGREDO (black), ALBEDO (white) AND RUBEDO (red), click here. (Aurora Consurgens, 15th century)

The alchemist shows what has taken place in him. The colors RED AND WHITE (click here) of his  clothing represent the fusion of the king and queen (duality). A severed arm shows the sign of this sacred marriage (2=1, circled in white). He has gone through a purification process (the chopped off body parts and the color white). He has discarded his ego (decapitation). (Splendor Solis, 1535)


The Hindu goddess Kali is a personification of the purifying kundalini energy. In this image she is standing on a royal couple (Shiva and Parvati?) embracing each other: the male and female energies (the polarities/duality) are fused. (Kangra painting, 19th century)

In Hinduism, the gods use a variety of weapons to express the activity of the kundalini. Here we see the goddess Durga – a milder version of Kali – defeating the Buffalo Demon Mahishasura (symbol for the animal/sexual urges) with her sword.

The Arthurian Legend

The magical sword Excalibur from the Arthurian legends is also a symbol for the kundalini energy. There are TWO VERSIONS of how Arthur obtains Excalibur, both stories are a metaphor for a kundalini awakening.

In the first version (left), the sword is stuck in a LARGE STONE (the pelvis) and only the one who can pull it out can rightfully claim the throne of England (read: the Kingdom of God). Many have tried in vain. Young Arthur manages it effortlessly.

In the second version (above), Excalibur is given to Arthur by the mysterious “Lady of the Lake” (a personification of the kundalini). A hand with the sword rises out of THE WATER when Arthur arrives at the lake.

Examples from Christian art


Throughout the ages there have always been initiates, artists and mystics who knew that Jesus was not born as ‘the Son of God’, but had experienced a kundalini awakening, after which he was one with his Divine Father. The Gospel writers have hidden this spiritual truth in their texts in inventive ways, including the use of symbolism and wordplay (see my books). Because of the rigid attitude of the church, the truth could not be spoken aloud, but underground, through esoteric groups such as the Freemasons, it found its way onto the canvas.

The two most famous beheadings in the Bible are those of Goliath by David, and of John the Baptist by Herod’s orders. From the texts of both stories we can conclude that these ‘beheadings’ are the result of a kundalini awakening.

I write about DAVID AND GOLIATH in my book ‘kundalini awakening in the Bible’. The huge giant GOLIATH symbolizes DAVID’s ego that must die if he is to become king of Israel (a Biblical metaphor for God realization). With a stone from his sling, David hits his opponent Goliath right in the forehead in single combat; energetically the place in man where the ego dies, during the process of spiritual awakening. The circular movement of the sling is a wonderful metaphor for the rising (spiraling) kundalini. David then beheads Goliath with his own sword.

I write extensively about the beheading of JOHN THE BAPTIST in my book ‘John the Baptist became Jesus the Christ . His death is also a metaphor for a transformation process. This esoteric knowledge can be found (hidden) in many paintings. I have selected a few for this page.

Do you want to read more about the metaphor of decapitation, and discarding the ego, click here for the article: ‘The spiritual process of losing the ego’

The sacred marriage and a ‘decapitation’ are two interrelated aspects of the process of spiritual awakening. In many paintings of beheadings we also find the (secret) SIGN OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE (two fingers together: 2=1) in one way or another.

THE SIGN OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE (two fingers together: 2=1) is incorporated in many paintings, in one form or another, often in combination with other esoteric symbolism. This hand gesture refers to a fusion of the polar energies/duality, and with this to a process of kundalini awakening.

Tanzio da Varallo. The sword of David refers to the CADUCEUS (click here). Read about the symbolism in the story of David and Goliath in my book ‘Kundalini Awakening in the Bible’.

The Beheading of John the Baptist, Alejo Fernandez. The TREE OF LIFE on the back of the man is a symbol for the awakened spine.

The Martyrdom of Saint Barbara, (probably) Johannes Siebenbürger, 1483. The PINE CONE (click here) is a symbol for the PINEAL GLAND.

The Beheading of John the Baptist, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1515.

Salomé with the head of John the Baptist, Studio of Andrea Solario. Read about John’s BEHEADING in my book ‘John the Baptist Who Became Jesus the Christ’

The Martyrdom of Saint Barbara. Lucas Cranach the Elder, circa 1510. The STAFF (click here) held at the height of Barbara’s spine is a symbol of awakened kundalini. 

The Beheading of Goliath by David. Giuseppe Cesari (after).  An extended MIDDLE FINGER (click here) refers to the spine with the awakened kundalini. Read more about David and Goliath in my book ‘Kundalini Awakening in the Bible’.

Sano di Pietro. At the height of the SIXTH CHAKRA, the SACRED MARRIAGE (click here) and the ‘death’ of the ego take place. The DOUBLE CIRCLE (click here) is a symbol for the merger of the polar energies. 

The Martyrdom of Saint Maurice, Cosimo Tura, 1480.

The Apostle Paul, Macrino d’Alba, circa 1500. The handle of the sword consists of THREE intertwined SERPENTS, a reference to the three energy channels involved in a kundalini awakening. .

Johann Zoffany, 1756. The SLING with which David killed Goliath hangs down from his HEAD to his BELLY: the path traveled by the kundalini.

The Apostle Paul, Book of Hours, The Morgan Library & Museum. The FLOWER represents an open crown chakra.

John Rogers Herbert, 19th century. The handle of David’s sword refers to the SPIRALING kundalini. GOLD EN SILVER represent in alchemy the polarities (sun and moon) that merge.

The Apostle Paul, Hans Bär. An extended MIDDEL FINGER (click here) refers to the awakened spine.

Arthur Kampf, 1905-15.The S-SHAPE of David’s spine refers to kundalini (SERPENT). The symbol on Goliath’s shield refers to the 7 chakras and the SPIRALING of the kundalini. ORANGE is the color of the 2nd chakra, the abode of the kundalini. Read about the symbolism in the story of David and Goliath in my book ‘Kundalini Awakening in the Bible’.

The Beheading of John the Baptist, Ambito Romano, 17th century. The PLATE refers to the DOUBLE CIRCLE (click here), an alchemical symbol for the merging of the polar energies. 

The Beheading of John the Baptist, Andrea Schiavone, 16th century. A BEHEADING is a metaphor for the death of the EGO. Read more in my book John the Baptist the Jesus Became the Christ’. 

Benedetto Nucci, 1571.

Francesco Granacci and Giovanni Larciani, Oratorio di Santa Caterina.
The extended MIDDLE FINGER (click here) is a reference to the awakened spine. 

De heilige Barbara onthoofd door haar vader. De oude kathedraal van Salamanca, Spanje. The EIGHT POINTED MORNING STAR (click here) is an ancient kundalini symbol.

The apostle Paul, 16th century, Rijksmuseum. The TWO SWORDS are a reference to the merger of the POLAR ENERGIES/duality.