Squaring the Cirkel

Metaphor for:
the process of kundalini awakening



SQUARING THE CIRCLE is a classic math problem.
In a general sense, it is a metaphor for trying to do the impossible.
The tradition of alchemy refers SQUARING THE CIRCLE to completing the Magnum Opus (a very difficult task).
The combination of a CIRCLE and a SQUARE (and sometimes a TRIANGLE -fire- with it) in illustrations represents the process of kundalini awakening.

Atalanta Fugiens, 1617.

Philosophia Reformata, Johannes Daniel Mylius, 1622.

The Seventh of the Twelve Keys, from Basilius Valentinus, 1599.

Alchemical Manuscript

Examples from Christian art


Throughout the ages there have always been initiates, artists and mystics who knew that Jesus was not born as ‘the Son of God’, but had experienced a kundalini awakening, after which he was one with his Divine Father. The Gospel writers have hidden this spiritual truth in their texts in inventive ways, including the use of imagery and wordplay (see my books). Because of the rigid attitude of the church, the truth could not be spoken aloud, but underground, through esoteric groups such as the Freemasons, it found its way onto the canvas.

THE SIGN OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE (two fingers together: 2=1) is incorporated in many paintings, in one form or another, often in combination with other esoteric symbolism. This hand gesture refers to a fusion of the polar energies/duality, and with this to a process of kundalini awakening.

Andrea Solario

Jörg Breu the Elder, Melker Altar, 1502. Jesus wears the colors BLACK, WHITE AND RED of the phases nigredo, albedo and rubedo of the MAGNUM OPUS (click here).

Spanish School, 15th century.

James Tissot, circa 1886-94.
See also to the right of the same artist.

Bartolomeo Montagna. Mary Magdalene wears the RED ROYAL COAT of the alchemist who has completed the Magnum Opus. Read about Mary’s spiritual awakening in my book “Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Lorenzo Lotto

Il Bacchiacca. FLAGELLATION (click here) is a metaphor for the PURIFYING effect of the kundalini energy. The LOIN CLOTHS are shaped like a Y (click here). This letter represents in alchemy the fusion of the polar energies (2=1).

Jacob de Gheyn, circa 1596. The extended MIDDLE FINGER (click here) refers to an awakened spine.

Jesus before Pilate, James Tissot, circa 1886-94.
In the circle is written ELOHIM (God) in Hebrew.
See also on the left of the same artist.

The Wedding at Cana, Juan de Flandes, 1504. Read about the deeper meaning of the WEDDING AT KANA in my book ‘Kundalini awakening in the Bible’.

Lorenzo Lotto

Saint Pierre le Vieux

Ehninger Altaar, 1482. The right foot of Jesus is placed on an OCTAGON. This is a reference to the kundalini symbol the EIGHT- POINTED MORNING STAR (click here).

Martha and Mary Magdalene, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Maria wears the colors BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW AND RED of the four phases of the MAGNUM OPUS (click here). The frame around the mirror has the shape of a DOUBLE CIRCLE (click here), an alchemical symbol for SACRED MARRIAGE (2=1). Read about Mary’s spiritual awakening in my book “Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

Bernardino Luini, Church of Santa Maria degli Angioli Lugano. The apostle John, leaning on Jesus’ shoulder, resembles a WOMAN: in reality, this was Mary Magdalene! Read about this in my book “Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Saint Jerome, Lucas van Leyden, 1521. Jerome points to the SKULL: this is where the CRUCIFIXION (the crucifix in his other arm) takes place.

Bartolomeo Montagna. Right, the symbol of the alchemist’s coveted STONE OF THE PHILOSOPHERS.

Christ in the Desert, Pablo de Cespedes, 16th Century. The TWO FISHES are a reference to the VESICA PISCIS (click here), a symbol for the merging of the opposites/duality.

Vesica Piscis