Palm Tree/Date Palm

Symbol for: the spine with the awakened kundalini energy

Examples from different spiritual traditions

A tree is a universal symbol for the awakened kundalini.
Because of its bare trunk and wide-standing crown, a PALM TREE is an apt metaphor for the spine and an open crown chakra.
A DATE PALM is often chosen, because dates have the shape of the pineal gland.

A PHOENIX, symbol of spiritual REBIRTH, on a DATE PALM.

From the alchemical manuscript Clavis Artis, late 17th-early 18th century. The GLOBE with CROSS (‘Globus Cruciger’) symbolizes the victory of the spiritual over the material. On top of the cross, with the KUNDALINI SERPENT, are PALM LEAVES and DATES.

A DATE PALM and a plane tree together form a TREE OF LIFE with a GODDESS in it. (Ancient Egypt, 19th Dynasty)

From the manuscripts of the mystic Jacob Böhme, 18th century. (Courtesy: Getty Research Institute and Palatino Press)

Hieronymus Bock, 16th century. The DATE PALM is associated in this illustration with the UNICORN, a mythical animal that symbolizes a KUNDALINI AWAKENING. Read more about this in the article: The unicorn can be found in you!

Inside of Temple TT290, Deir el Medina, Luxor, Egypt.

The animal (lower) drives (the SKULL) have been conquered. The BEES refer to the production of AMRITA in the brain. PAR PEINE = through pain/with great difficulty. (From the album of Johannes Vivianus, 1598)

This marble statue with PALM TREE is part of a fountain from around 350 BC. A water pipe ran through the pitcher. The FLOWING WATER represents the KUNDALINI ENERGY ascending from the PELVIS to the HEAD. (Altes Museum, Berlin)

The SUN GOD APOLLO with kithara (lyre) and PALM TREE. (Oil jar ca. 450 BC)

Examples from Christian art


Throughout the ages there have always been initiates, artists and mystics who knew that Jesus was not born as ‘the Son of God’, but had experienced a kundalini awakening, after which he was one with his Divine Father. The Gospel writers have hidden this spiritual truth in their texts in inventive ways, including the use of symbolism and wordplay (see my books). Because of the rigid attitude of the church, the truth could not be spoken aloud, but underground, through esoteric groups such as the Freemasons, it found its way onto the canvas.

THE SIGN OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE (two fingers together: 2=1) is incorporated in many paintings, in one form or another, often in combination with other esoteric symbolism. This hand gesture refers to a fusion of the polar energies/duality, and with this to a process of kundalini awakening.

St. Bruno, Hieronymus Wierix, 16th century. The palm tree, with Jesus on it, is placed on the SKULL, the place where the INNER CRUCIFIXION of the ego takes place. 

St Ursula, Vittore Carpaccio.

Francesco Morandini (Il poppi), circa 1580. Read about MARIA MAGDALENA’S presence during the crucifixion in my book “Mary Magdalen, the disciple whom Jesus loved

Saint Barbara, circa 1500, Museu Nacional de Arte, Antiga. The small CHALICE in the doorway of the tower is a reference to the HOLY GRAIL (click here): which is also a metaphor for a KUNDALINI AWAKENING.

Altar of St. Martins Cathedral, Bratislava.

German altarpiece, circa 1480-1495. The TWO CROSSED STICKS refer to the merging of the polar energy channels in the head. 

Paolo Uccello. The baby Jesus has his INDEX FINGER in his mouth: the birth of Christ is an INNER event.

Giovan Battista Moroni. Saint Christopher points to his PELVIS. His PALM STAFF is connected to the LOIN CLOTH/pelvis of Jesus. The remarkable color ORANGE refers to the second chakra, where the kundalini resides.

Il Sodoma, 1513, Galleria Sabauda, Turin. The baby Jesus holds the PALM BRANCH and stands on ONE LEG (click here): a reference to the fusion of the polar energies (2=1).

Fra Angelico (attr. to). The THREE NAILS represent the three energy channels that ascend to the PINEAL GLAND (the crown of thorns on this painting). 

From an Armenian Gospel, 1609.

St Christopher, Basilica of Santa Cruz Pumacalao.

Anthonie Wierix, 16th century. The ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM is a metaphor for God’s entry into our hearts. 

Jakob Huwyler, St. John the Baptist Church, Ermengerst, 1903. The shape of the PALM TREE refers to the kundalini serpent. Read about JOHN’s kundalini process in my book ‘John the Baptist who became Jesus the Christ’

Jacob’s Ladder, Jan Verkade, circa 1900, St. Ildegard Abbey. The visions of Jacob are the result of a kundalini awakening.

Rest on the flight to Egypt, Philipp Otto Runge, 1805. The ANGEL in the TREE and the baby JESUS have ONE LEG (click here) pulled up. This symbolizes the merger of the polar energy channels/SACRED MARRIAGE (2=1, click here). The ‘ROSE OF VENUS’ (click here) in the tree is a kundalini symbol. 

Chiesa di San Vittore Martire. The man on the left holds the palm branch at his PELVIS, the abode of the kundalini. The baby JESUS has ONE LEG (click here) pulled up. This symbolizes the merger of the polar energy channels/SACRED MARRIAGE (2=1).

The Three Wise Men from the East, Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy. The gifts of the Magi symbolize the INNER DIVINE GIFTS as a result of a kundalini awakening.

Bernardino Luini, 1525. Saint Maurizio and the baby Jesus are both holding the PALM TREE branch. Jesus points to it with the sign of SACRED MARRIAGE (2=1, click here).

Christ and the centurion of Capernaum, Franz Christoph Janneck, 18th century. The SERPENT on the CHALICE is a reference to the HOLY GRAIL (click here), which is also a metaphor for a KUNDALINI AWAKENING.

Dormition of the Virgin, Fra Angelico, 1432. GOLD refers to the DIVINE kundalini.