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The Eight-Pointed Morning Star

Symbol for: the kundalini energy

Examples from different spiritual traditions

The EIGHT-POINTED STAR is a symbol of the Sumerian goddess Inanna and her Akkadian counterpart Ishtar. These goddesses were also associated with the planet Venus, which is called the MORNING STAR because, after the sun and moon, she is the brightest of all the celestial bodies and is visible in the east shortly before sunrise. Venus, as it were, heralds the sun and because of this she has been associated with the divine since ancient times.

Interesting, and meaningful in this context, is that the Sumerian word for god/goddess – Dingir – is an EIGHT-POINTED STAR, see wikipedia and image on the right.

In line with the above, the EIGHT-POINTED MORNING STAR in various spiritual traditions represents the divine energy in the human pelvis: the kundalini. See also the article about tarot card The Star.

From: Clavis Artis, an alchemical manuscript from the late 17th/early 18th century. The naked woman/GODDESS, as well as the SERPENT, and the eight-pointed STAR, symbolize the KUNDALINI energy.

Sophia, ‘Holy Wisdom’, is depicted on icons in the Orthodox Catholic Church with an EIGHT-POINTED STAR.

The goddess ISHTAR on a seal of the Akkadian Empire, 2350-2150 BC. The seven layers of her DRESS refer to the SEVEN CHAKRAS.

The goddess Athena, with an EIGHT-POINTED STAR on her shield, and Heracles on a Greek amphora.

A clay tablet featuring the god Shamash, with an EIGHT-POINTED STAR.

The Greek Mother Goddess Rhea
(Manual of mythology, 1875)

Examples from Christian art


Throughout the ages there have always been initiates, artists and mystics who knew that Jesus was not born as ‘the Son of God’, but had experienced a kundalini awakening, after which he was one with his Divine Father. The Gospel writers have hidden this spiritual truth in their texts in inventive ways, including the use of symbolism and wordplay (see my books). Because of the rigid attitude of the church, the truth could not be spoken aloud, but underground, through esoteric groups such as the Freemasons, it found its way onto the canvas.

In the Book of Revelation (2:26-28) Jesus promises:

He who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nations.
He shall rule them with a rod of iron; they shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels –
as I also have received from My Father; and I will give him the morning star.

One of the honorary titles of Mary in the Catholic tradition is ‘The MORNING STAR’ (Stella Matutina). Mary is therefore often depicted with a star on her cloak. In this regard, the (EIGHT-POINTED) STAR is part of the official iconography, and as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, it has no esoteric meaning. However, in Christian art we also see the EIGHT-POINTED STAR in a veiled way. On floor tiles, as a window grille, or just anywhere in the interior. It is clear that in this case the artist wants to point out the deeper meaning of the Biblical staging.

On a side note, there is much to be said for an esoteric explanation of the title ‘The MORNING STAR’ for Mary, and it is my conviction that this title of honor also has Gnostic roots. Mary, as the mother of Jesus, is seen as the mother of God. The kundalini energy is seen in most traditions as the feminine aspect of God, or ‘God the Mother’. On the symbolic level, Mary often fulfills the role of the divine in man (the kundalini) in Bible stories, which ‘gives birth’ to the new man, born again in God. Read more in my book ‘John the Baptist who became Jesus the Christ’.

THE SIGN OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE (two fingers together: 2=1) is incorporated in many paintings, in one form or another, often in combination with other esoteric symbolism. This hand gesture refers to a fusion of the polar energies/duality, and with this to a process of kundalini awakening.

Alejo Fernández. The PILLAR (click here), the angel points at, is a symbol for the awakened SPINE. 

Pedro García de Benabarre (attr. to). Jezus points at his PELVIS, the abode of the kundalini, with two fingers: the sign of the SACRED MARRIAGE (click here). The VESICA PISCIS (click here) around him also represents the fusion of the polar energies. The colors BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW AND RED of the shield represent in alchemy the four phases of the MAGNUM OPUS (click here)

The Ascension of the Prophet Eliah on a ‘Chariot of Fire’ (Russian Icon). Read about the kundalini process of the prophet ELIAH in my book ‘John the Baptist who became Jesus the Christ’

Mariotto di Nardo di Cione

William Holman Hunt. Read about the symbolism in the CRUCIFIXION STORY in my bookMary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

Pedro Berruguete, Cincinnati Art Museum.

Piero della Francesca

Barthélemy van Eyck 1445, Eglise de la Madeleine, Aix-en-Provence. The BOOKS on the reading stand have the colors BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW AND RED, which in alchemy represent the four phases of the MAGNUM OPUS (click here). The hexagonal BASE of the stand is a reference to the HEXAGRAM (click here), the symbol for the fusion of the polar energies. 

Girolamo di Matteo da Gualdo, circa 1510.

Hans Memling, 1479. On the SKIRT of Saint Catherine (left) and on the CANVAS behind Mary symbols for the PINEAL GLAND (click here) are painted. 

Pedro Berruguete

Bernard van Orley. The SERPENT STAFF of the god Hermes, the CADUCEUS (click here), is the symbol for a kundalini awakening. 

Meister Francke

Master de Liénart Barronnat, 1492 – 1494.

Pieter Coecke van Aelst (1502-1550)

Covington Cathedral, KY. Mary makes the SIGN OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE (click here) with her hands: two fingers together, 2=1. 

Hans Memling

Mary Magdalen, Leonard Limousin. Mary has experienced a kundalini awakening. Read about this in my book “Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

School of the Veneto, late 15th century.

Mary Magdalene. Mary has experienced a kundalini awakening. Read about this in my book Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Orazio Samacchini, circa 1575.

Antonio Vivarini and Giovanni d`Alemagna, circa 1500.

William Brassey Hole. Pilates and Jesus do not look at each other. The artist wants to tell us that the Bible stories are about INNER events. Read more in my book “Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Orlandi, Louvre.

Alejo Fernández. The lines of blood on the LEG of one of the men refer to the HEXAGRAM (six-pointed star, click here), the symbol for the fusion of the polar energies.

The wedding of Canaan, Jan Cossiers.

Vitale da Bologna (Vitale dAimo de Cavalli)

Circle of the Master of Pedret, The Wise and Foolish Virgins, Sant Quirze de Pedret.

Early Christian inscription with the Greek letters ΙΧΘΥΣ (ICHTUS), an acronym for Jesus, carved in marble in the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus in Turkey. The EIGHT-SPOKE WHEEL is a reference to the Morning Star. ICHTUS (Greek for FISH, click here) refers to a kundalini awakening, read about this in my book ‘John the Baptist who became Jesus the Christ.’

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Pedro Sánchez

Mosaic in the Basilica of San Marco, Venice, 11th-13th century. Read about the symbolism in the story of the BAPTISM of Jesus in my book ‘John the Baptist who became Jesus the Christ’

Meister des Schöppinger Altars

The Wedding Of Cana, Master Of The Catholic Kings. Symbols for the PINEAL GLAND (click here) are painted on the woman’s dress. She holds her hand on her ABDOMEN, the abode of the kundalini. The man in the foreground points to the wine jars with his MIDDLE FINGER (click here), which represents an awakened SPINE. The colors BLACK, WHITE AND RED of the skirting boards (ceiling) refer to the MAGNUM OPUS (click here).