Symbol for:
the merger of the polarities, inner oneness => part of the process of kundalini awakening.

Examples from Christian art


Throughout the ages there have always been initiates, artists and mystics who knew that Jesus was not born as ‘the Son of God’, but had experienced a kundalini awakening, after which he was one with his Divine Father. The Gospel writers have hidden this spiritual truth in their texts in inventive ways, including the use of imagery and wordplay (see my books). Because of the rigid attitude of the church, the truth could not be spoken aloud, but underground, through esoteric groups such as the Freemasons, it found its way onto the canvas.

A HEXAGRAM consists of two overlapping triangles. This six-pointed star is a universal symbol for the merger of opposites. Spiritually, the HEXAGRAM represents inner oneness, or the SACRED MARRIAGE; an aspect of the process of kundalini awakening. References to the hexagram in art also include the HEXAGON: the median plane and perimeter of a hexagram.



Six-pointed star

An illustration from alchemy of the (inner) SACRED MARRIAGE (click here), with a HEXAGRAM.

THE SIGN OF THE SACRED MARRIAGE (two fingers together: 2=1) is incorporated in many paintings, in one form or another, often in combination with other esoteric symbolism. This hand gesture refers to a fusion of the polar energies/duality, and with this to a process of kundalini awakening.

Pseudo Jacopino di Francesco. Showing ONE LEG (click here) symbolizes, just like the HEXAGRAM, the SACRED MARRIAGE (2=1). 

The Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine with the Baby Jesus (Virgo inter Virgines, 1385). The pattern on the CANVAS behind Mary refers to the PINEAL GLAND (click here).

Saint Catherine of Siena (Brooklyn Museum). The LILY (click here) is a symbol for a kundalini-awakening. 

Jesus with the sisters Martha and Mary Magdalene, Christen Dalsgaard, 19th century, Denmark. Jesus points to the king and queen on the wall and to Mary Magdalene. They are the ALCHEMICAL ROYAL COUPLE (click here) which, like the HEXAGRAM (above the royal couple), represents the SACRED MARRIAGE (2=1). The pattern on Mary’s robe refers to the PINEAL GLAND (click here). Read more in my book ‘Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved.’

God creates Eve from Adam’s rib (artist unknown). The Story of Creation is a metaphor for a (reversed) kundalini process. Read more in the article ‘The Crucifix Code’ and in my book ‘Kundalini Awakening in the Bible’.

Jaume Ferrer, 1432-34. The VESICA PISCIS (click here) behind Jesus is, just like the HEXAGRAM (on the flag), a symbol for the SACRED MARRIAGE: 2=1. 

Viktor Vasnetsov, 1848-1926, Russia. The juxtaposed HEADS of Jesus and his mother Mary refer to the SACRED MARRIAGE (click here), just like the HEXAGRAM and the VESICA PISCIS (click here), that is formed by the two AUREOLAS.

The flagellation of Jesus, Master Francke. On the left, a man points to the HEART, the place where the ‘FLAGELLATION’ (click here) (read: purification) and the merging of the opposites (HEXAGRAM on robe) take place. The PINECONE SHAPED HAT (click here) is a reference to the PINEAL GLAND. 

Upper Rhenish Master. Mary in an enclosed garden (Hortus conclusus) is a metaphor for her virginity, according to the doctrine of the church. Esoterically this image symbolizes the kundalini energy in the pelvis. Above the HEXAGON TABLE are dark blue IRISES (click here), a symbol for the PINEAL GLAND. The man on the right is holding a TREE (symbol of the awakened kundalini) at the height of his SPINE. At the foot of the tree sits a man wearing CLOTHING in the colors BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW AND RED. These colors represent the four phases of the MAGNUM OPUS (click here). The ANGEL next to him points to his HEAD: this is where all this takes place!

Fra Angelico. The POMEGRANATE (click here) in Mary’s hand is a kundalini symbol.

Master of Saint Severin. The EIGHT POINTED MORNING STAR (click here) is a symbol for the kundalini energy. The PINECONE (click here) on the canvas behind Mary refers to the PINEAL GLAND.

Joos van Cleve, 1505-1510. RED CORAL (click here) is a symbol for the kundalini energy. RED is the color of the FIRST CHAKRA, where the dormant kundalini energy resides. CORAL is something precious that resides deep under water (in our subconscious).

Detail of painting on the left

Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio)

John the Baptist, Jacopo da Ponte. The KNOT (click here) on John’s shoulder refers to the PINEAL GLAND. Read about his KUNDALINI PROCESS in my book ‘John the Baptist who became Jesus the Christ’

The Beheading of John the Baptist, Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, 19th Century. The man with the SWORD (click here) has a HEXAGRAM on his cap. The FIG TREE is a symbol for a kundalini awakening. Read more in my book ‘John the Baptist who became Jesus the Christ’.