Healing from spiritual blindness and deafness

The knowledge of the presence of a mysterious source of divine energy in our pelvis is what connects all religions. All known prophets and enlightened teachers have discovered at some point during their search for the Greater Reality that this energy source, called kundalini-shakti in the yoga tradition, is the key to God, Allah, YHWH, the Tao, and Nirvana. Evidence of this can be found in the sacred writings and iconographies of the world religions, usually in the form of symbolism and metaphors.


But not only in religions, also in numerous fairy tales, myths and legends we are indirectly told that within us there is a staircase to heaven, namely at the sacrum. The name of this bone suggests that we have known for a long time that there is something sacred about this specific location in our pelvis.

Inner Angels

In the Old Testament we read about patriarch Jacob’s dream in which he sees angels ascending to and descending from heaven via a ladder (1). These angels symbolize the awakened kundalini energy that flows through the spine (ladder) of the sleeping Jacob. God speaks to him in the dream and makes him promises of protection and offspring. When he wakes up he is deeply impressed, and Jacob realizes that he will now walk throught life together with God. (2)

Patriarch Jacob dreams about a ladder to heaven

Rapunzel’s long hair hangs out of the window of the tower in which she is locked up

In Buddhism the goddess Phra Mae Thorani also has very long hair. In the illustration ( on the right) we see her depicted beneath the meditating Buddha. Water streams out of her hair. This water symbolizes the awakened kundalini energy in the Buddha himself. According to the myths, Phra Mae Thorani helps the Buddha defeat the demon Mara, who wants to prevent him from reaching the state of enlightenment.

Mara represents everything that keeps the aspirant from the spiritual path: attachment, temptation, ignorance, etcetera. The illustration shows how Mara, sitting on a large elephant (symbolizing the power of the demon), together with his followers (various demonic aspects), drowns in the water that flows from the hair of the goddess.

Long hair

The awakened kundalini energy is also symbolized by long hair. In the fairy tale with the same name, written by the Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel lets her very long hair hang out of the window of the tower (spine) in which she is locked up by a witch (symbol of matter). A prince climbs up the hair and the resulting marriage of the couple is a metaphor for the inner sacred marriage: the merging of the male and female energies; a part of the process of spiritual awakening.(3)

The Buddha calls on the goddess Phra Mae Thorani to wash away demons in a flood

Open crown chakra

Awakening the kundalini energy in the pelvis does not automatically lead to a state of sanctity or enlightenment. An intensive process of purification and healing is first needed, orchestrated by the divine energy, which takes the span of several decades. We can deduce that the Buddha has successfully completed this difficult and painful process, from his fully opened crown chakra.

In the iconography of Buddhism, the Buddha is depicted with what looks like curly hair, which some call “snail hair.” A search on the internet does not reveal the meaning of these curls. Probably because few followers know the experience of a fully opened crown chakra. This feels like small energy swirls (‘spirals’) on the top half of your head.

The Buddha’s crown chakra is fully opened. The flame on his head refers to the awakened kundalini fire.

Pharaoh Amenhotep III with a Uraeus cobra (symbol of the kundalini) on his headdress. The small circles refer to the experience of an opened crown chakra.

The apostle John’s spiraling hair refers to an opened crown chakra and a process of kundalini awakening.

A fully opened crown chakra is symbolised in the iconography of Christianity as an aureola, or a wreath of flowers, around the heads of saints.

The bodhi tree under which the Buddha reaches his state of enlightenment also symbolizes the awakened kundalini energy that flows through his spine to the crown chakra. In many spiritual traditions we find a tree (of life) with special characteristics or fruits, which refer to the experience of the divine and an expanded (enlightened) consciousness. (4)

During his famous night journey (mi’rāj) with the archangel Gabriel, the prophet Muhammad arrives at the tree Sidratul Muntaha, which stands on the border of the seventh heaven (the seventh, or crown chakra), where he receives divine instructions. In the Hadith (oral tradition), Sidratul Muntaha is mentioned as the tree that is under the Throne of God (Allah). (5)

Walking trees

The New Testament is also full of symbolism that refers to the kundalini energy. The physical healings that Jesus performed during his travels through Judea are metaphors for the processes of purification and healing that are part of a kundalini process (6). In Mark’s Gospel, a blind man is brought to Jesus:

He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. Then he touched the man’s eyes with saliva and laid his hands on him. “Do you see anything yet?” he asked. The man looked around and replied, “I see trees – no, they must be people because they are walking.” Jesus placed his hands on his eyes again. Now he saw clearly, his eyes were clear again and he could see everything clearly. (7)

People who have excellent medical vision may still be blind by Biblical standards if they are still in a state of darkness and ignorance spiritually. Blindness then is denying God’s presence and focusing instead on matter. We may conclude that in the Bible story above it is a matter of spiritual blindness, from the remarkable statement that during healing the blind person initially sees trees instead of people.

With this, the author of the gospel wants us to know that the man becomes ‘seeing’ through the awakening of his kundalini energy. His third eye is opened. Jesus first applies his saliva to the man’s eyes. This symbolizes the transfer of divine energy from Jesus to the blind man.

Jesus puts his fingers in the ears of a deaf man

Spiritually deaf

Jesus also uses his saliva to heal a deaf and mute man. Once again the story contains a strange element. Jesus puts his fingers in the deaf man’s ears:

And they brought him a deaf man who could hardly speak, and asked him to lay his hand on the man. Jesus took him aside, at a distance from the people. He put his fingers in the man’s ears and touched his tongue with some saliva. Then he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and taking a deep breath, he said to him, “Ephphatha”; that means: Open up. And his ears opened, his tongue loosened, and he could speak normally. (8)

Why does the Son of God, who can calm a storm and bring the dead back to life, need his fingers to do this? This is symbolism to tell us what the man is suffering from: he is not open to the spiritual dimension of life. He has put his fingers in his ears and will not listen to God. He is spiritually deaf.

Jesus lifts his eyes up to heaven during the healing. This symbolizes the rising of the kundalini energy to the sixth and seventh chakra. The man’s tongue loosens, he can speak again: anyone who is touched by the divine cannot help but talk about it. What the heart is full of, the mouth overflows with.

The kundalini is patient

Anyone who sees the kundalini symbolism that can be found in spiritual traditions all over the world becomes so enthusiastic that he or she, like me, cannot help but tell others about it. “Take your fingers out of your ears!”, I would sometimes like to shout at people who are clearly locked up in their ego and only attach importance to material things. At the same time, I know that grass will not grow faster by pulling it. The kundalini waits patiently in the pelvis of every person. She will awaken when the time is right.


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